Lucky to be working with Bollywood: Chetan Bhagat

Updated: Jan 28, 2013, 13:14 PM IST

New Delhi: Bestselling novelist Chetan Bhagat has now turned a Bollywood scriptwriter.

After writing the screenplay of `Kai Po Che!` -- an adaptation of his novel `The 3 Mistakes of My Life` -- the 38-year-old author from Mumbai is now writing the script for a Telugu film remake. The film, titled `Kick`, will star Salman Khan.

"It is the story of a man who lives for passion and kick," Bhagat said in an interview.

"I`m lucky Bollywood has liked my stories. It feels good because writers don`t get noticed so much. Not only they are making films on my books, but I`m also working with big and talented people," he said.

`Kai Po Che!`, directed by Abhishek Kapoor, is a story of three friends in Ahmedabad and the upheaval in their lives.

"It is the third time my story has been made into a movie. It feels special. `Kai Po Che!` is even more special because I have written the screenplay too.

"It is a nicely-made movie. The final copy is not yet ready, but I have seen it in parts," he said.

`One Night@The Call Centre` was made into a film titled `Hello` (2008) and `Five Point Someone` into `3 Idiots` (2009).

Bhagat`s other novels are `2 States` and `Revolution 2020`.

He says the trend of adapting books into movies is still to pick up in India, especially in Bollywood.

"I hope this trend picks up. When people go to see a movie, they want to see a good story and if the filmmaker picks up a good and popular novel, he is starting at a good base."

Bhagat, an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology-Delhi and Indian Institute of Management-Ahmedabad, wants to influence people. "I want to reach more and more Indians. I want to influence people with my writing and I have used entertainment to get their attention," he said.

He said making movies on books was not easy.

"It is difficult for a filmmaker when he is to make a book into a movie because in that case, you are competing with the readers` imagination," he said.

"A reader has to read the book and he can imagine, but the filmmaker has to imagine all that and create it (on screen), which is difficult. `Kai Po Che!` is better than the book and I know that because I have done the script."

IANS / Aastha Khurana