Madonna, Cameron and Demi Moore offer dating advice for book

Updated: May 15, 2010, 16:09 PM IST

London: Stars including Madonna, Demi Moore and Cameron Diaz have offered up their best dating advice for a new book designed to help men find girlfriends and keep them happy.

The book – ‘That’s what she said: Women Reveal What Men Really Need to Know’ – has been compiled by Punk`d producer T.J. Jefferson and features a foreword from the prank TV show’s star Ashton Kutcher.

The three beauties have doled out their own tips for people looking to date – especially men who want to woo women.

"If you want to get our clothes off focus on what you’re giving, not on what you can get! You may be able to score once - but we can smell the stink of selfish desires a mile away and are not interested. Women are caretakers by nature, don’t take it for granted. The romance we are looking for comes from being appreciated," a news daily quoted Moore as writing.

While Madonna advises men to let their women take charge and pay them a lot of compliments, Diaz admits she enjoys "losing herself in wonder of love, beauty and sexiness".

Lake Bell urges men not to be too "pushy" and Soleil Moon Frye claims "We like it dirty just like you..."

"It’s a fun read, but you can find something in there that can really help your relationship and stop you from sleeping on the couch that night. You’ve got people like Madonna giving advice in the book, but then you’ve got housewives in the Midwest and teachers and nurses. It might be hard for someone to relate to what Madonna is saying, but most of us can relate to everyday people, people that aren’t famous and aren’t in the spotlight - they need to be heard as well," says Jefferson, the book’s author.