Madonna cancels auction of her journals on eBay

Updated: May 06, 2010, 15:16 PM IST

London: Madonna has cancelled the sale of journals written by her on eBay.

The Material Girl star sent her representatives to take her journals off the auction after an unknown man alleged that he had placed 12 personal tomes allegedly written by Madonna between 1988 and 1992 on the website, and was hoping to earn millions of pounds for the possessions, reports The Daily Star.

The eBay user claims that he bought the journals and other personal items that include the superstar’s photos, for just 100 pounds in a blind auction from a storage facility in Chatsworth, California.

Madonna’s representatives however, insisted that ‘they’ were the rightful owners of the periodicals and convinced the auctioneers to take them off the website, according to

A spokesperson for the auction website has confirmed the cancellation after the singer’s reps contacted them to make a claim.

However, the unnamed seller is still reportedly insisting the items belong to him.