Manmohan Singh’s daughter well into parents` biography

New Delhi: Writer Daman Singh, daughter of Manmohan Singh, says she is recreating her parents` life story for her new book through the memories of those who saw the prime minister and his wife maturing as a power couple over the decades.

"It will take time, but I have gathered quite a bit of information and material on my parents` early life by talking to those who knew both of them - friends, relatives, acquaintances and my father`s colleagues," Daman Singh, who is writing her parents` biography, told reporters.

"I want it to be a light story - a biography that everyone can relate to. I want the book to have a gripping narrative and it should not become an official dossier. It will be about their lives as two human beings and their journey to the capital`s power centre," Daman said.

"Most of the time, I spend on my computer collating data and researching. I am talking to many people, especially those who worked in several institutions with my father. I don`t think I will have to go to Pakistan to research my parents` childhood," Daman, the second of Manmohan Singh`s three daughters, said.

Manmohan Singh was born in Gah in Punjab Sep 26 in 1932. His wife Gursharan Kaur, who was from Dhakkal near Chakwal in Pakistan, the two married in 1958.

Daman Singh, who has written three fiction works - "The Sacred Grove", "Nine by Nine" and "Denial", said "she was returning to non-fiction after a long time".

"The last non-fiction I had written was long ago. It was `The Last Frontier: The People and Forests of Mizoram`," Daman said.

A St.Stephen`s graduate, Daman earlier worked in the development sector.



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