Mick Jagger pursued Angelina Jolie, new book reveals

New York: Rolling Stones frontman’s two-year infatuation with future superstar actress Angelina Jolie has been revealed in a new book.

The actress – who appeared in the Rolling Stones’ Anybody Seen My Baby music video in 1997 - was allegedly pursued by the rocker while he was still married to supermodel Jerry Hall, according to the book titled “MICK: The Wild Life and Mad Genius of Jagger,” by best-selling author Christopher Andersen.

The now 37-year-old had made it perfectly clear to everyone that she didn’t want to be playing the part of a stripper in a Rolling Stones video.

“I can’t f------ sing, and I can’t f------ dance!” she said, tossing an angry look at the director. “What the f--- am I doing here?” the New York Daily News quoted her as saying in the book.

The daughter of Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight had just finished portraying doomed model Gia Carangi in a television film of the same name, and the part had left her physically and emotionally drained.

Like her character, who died of AIDS at just age twenty-six, short-haired Jolie was abusing drugs at the time and was a fan of tattoos.

“Then, clad in a fur coat opened to reveal a gold lame bustier beneath, Angelina brought traffic to a standstill as she strolled down a midtown street with Mick in hot pursuit,” an excerpt read.

Jolie’s Jagger-obsessed mother, actress-producer Marcheline Bertrand, however, felt otherwise.

Although Jolie was already married to British actor Jonny Lee Miller of ‘Trainspotting’ fame and was apparently having a secret affair with actor Timothy Hutton, Marche felt that her daughter needed a man like Mick.

“Marche loved Mick for Angie,” Marcheline’s friend Lauren Taines said.

“She felt that he could teach her about fame and how to handle it,” she added.