Mo Yan`s new book debuts

Beijing: A new book by Nobel literature prize winner Mo Yan hit the Chinese market Wednesday amid "Mo-mania" that has been sweeping the country since his success last week.

Only 100 copies of "Our Jing Ke", a collection of three plays, were on sale in the Genuine & Profound bookstore at a launch organised by the Beijing Genuine & Profound Culture Development Company, reported Xinhua.

"The first issue had a print run of 200,000 copies," said Tang Juan, the vice head of the company`s marketing department. "But we only got the first batch last night and the others are still at the printers."

She said the new book, which has been taking pre-orders on leading online bookstores, is expected to be sold in other parts of the country after Friday.

The release of the new book came less than a week after Mo was announced winner of the 2012 Nobel Prize in Literature Oct 11.

"Due to Mo Yan`s success, we decided to publish the book ahead of schedule," said Hong Xue, editor of the book.

The book, published by the Beijing-based New World Press, consists of three plays -- "Our Jing Ke", "Farewell to My Concubine" and "Wife of the Boiler Worker".

Two of them are based on tales of Chinese history and the third is about ill-fated "zhiqing", urban youths who were sent to the countryside for "re-education" by peasants during China`s Cultural Revolution (1966-76).

"Our Jing Ke" re-tells a story about Jing Ke, an assassin famous for his failed attempt to kill a king, who later moved on to become China`s first emperor more than 2,000 years ago.

But the story is told from a new perspective in the book, where Jing`s assassination attempt is reinterpreted into a result of his desire for instant fame, rather than a result of chivalry and altruism.

"Farewell to My Concubine" is about the melancholy love story between Xiang Yu, a Chinese warlord during the second century BC and his concubine who killed herself.

"The Wife of the Boiler Worker" tells of a story about a female pianist who was re-educated in the countryside and married a boiler worker.