New ‘O’ book on Obama keeps everyone guessing

Updated: Jan 19, 2011, 15:46 PM IST

New York: Jonathan Karp, publisher of Simon and Schuster``s latest political novel, `O` has said that people should stop trying to guess who the author is – because the book should be judged on its content and not the perceived identity of its author.

"It would be great if you refrained from commenting, in solidarity with the principle that a book should be judged on its content and not the perceived identity of its author,” the New York Post quoted Karp as writing in an e-mail, asking political reporters and DC staffers to keep quiet.

He added in a letter inserted in preview copies, "The author is someone who has been in the room with Barack Obama and knows this world intimately."

"By choosing anonymity, our author is following in the tradition of Jane Austen, the Brontes, ``The Federalist Papers,`` ``The Story of O`` and, of course, ``Lemony Snicket``,” he added.

Reports are abuzz that John McCain``s closest aide and speechwriter on the 2008 campaign, Mark Salter is the ghost writer.

His adjective-filled style is similar to the ‘O’ author``s.

The book describes many a political figures in a not so flattering manner.

Sarah Palin, "The Barracuda" is described as a "lusty librarian" with "thick hair piled up high, chin out, defiant, taunting, flaunting that whole lusty librarian thing, sweet and savory, mother and predator, alluring and dangerous."

O himself is suspected of having a split personality - "Good O and Bad O."

A former McCain aide said that it was possible that Salter was the author.

But Salter responded, "I``ve been asked by the publisher, as apparently many other people have, not to comment. So, no comment."