New Robbie biography reveals sex life

London: Robbie Williams leapt over a hotel balcony for sex with a fan.

The biography named ‘Robbie’ may come as a shock to his new bride Ayda Field as it has revealed in detail the various sexual encounters he had, reports News of the World.

Author of the biography, Sean Smith wrote of Williams that he risked death to get to one of his many groupie Angels - after discovering she was staying on the same floor as him, high up in the Loews Hotel in Monte Carlo.

Drunken Robbie, who bragged he was able to "sh*g anything I wanted to" - decided to surprise her by climbing on to her balcony instead of knocking on her door.

Another time, Robbie`s managers spotted him hauling a topless girl in through the window.

And his mate Coco Colcough recalled walking into their local pub in Stoke, Staffs, and seeing a girl with her hand down Robbie`s trousers.

Coco, who grew up with Williams, recalls in the book called Robbie: "I don`t think he had a clue who she was." He added: "His eyes were, like, half open.

He just sort of whispered, ‘Whisky.’ I said to this girl, ``Excuse me, love, do you mind if we just have a chat for a bit?`` But she just carried on doing what she was doing," he said.



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