P.C Sorcar Junior to cast spell with words

Kolkata: Magician P.C. Sorcar Junior is ready to cast his spell once again. The ace wizard is set to mesmerise readers with his new book launched here Wednesday that chronicles his observations and interactions with people over the years.

Titled ‘Prodiper Panchali’ (Prodip`s narrations), the book penned by Sorcar Junior (or Prodip Chandra Sorcar Junior), is a compilation of 25 short pieces that offer a glimpse into the legendary sorcerer`s perception about life.

"The stories are my perception of people...my perspective. It is as if I am sitting in a train and people are coming in and going out," said Sorcar, famed for his Indrajaal brand of magic.

The second son of late magic legend P.C. Sorcar, Sorcar Junior said the book was an expression of himself.

"It is a projection of me. It is written purely for entertainment and it is not based in a specific location," said Sorcar during the release at Starmark, South City Mall, here.

Written in Bengali, in his characteristic "fairy-tale-ish" style - a reflection of his shows - the book published by Patra Bharati contains stories like ‘Nishiddho Pholer Gappo’ (The tale of the forbidden fruit), ‘Magic Pother Panchali’ (Narrative of the magic path) and ‘Red Indiander Deshe Ek Aashol Indian’ (A real Indian in the country of Red Indians).


Pic courtesy: Facebook