Poet-writer`s new book is about a Net scam

IANS| Updated: May 15, 2014, 08:26 AM IST

New Delhi: An innocent urge to showcase his hacking skills and also score a few brownie points leads a young college student to a big, yet unexposed, internet scam.

Can he expose the powerful people behind the scam or does he become victim of a conspiracy?

Get hold of ‘Coded Conspiracy’, a novel by national award-winning young poet and writer Nikhil Chandwani and revel in a romantic suspense to know more. It drives young readers into a realm where nobody knows what to believe and what not.

While romantic suspense is at its heart, "Coded Conspiracy" will delight any reader yearning for a literary escape from the norm.

Conceived while directing his travel show ‘Song of the Open Road`, "Coded Conspiracy", Chandwani said, was a result of his unswerving passion for writing.

Published by New Delhi-based Rectitude Publishing House, the novel is now available for pre-orders on leading book-selling websites.

The gripping tale of love and betrayal with an intriguing cast of characters unravels Chandwani`s intriguing style of story-telling.

Chandwani, who was first noticed in 2011 when he came out with his first novel ‘I wrote your name in the sky’, is a winner of the United Kingdom Writers Forum` Award in literature - a first for an Indian.

He was shortlisted for the award for his book of poems titled "Unsung Words" and a novel, ‘Inked With Love’.

Currently busy writing the scripts for a Hollywood movie, an upcoming Bollywood movie and a travel documentary, Chandwani is also working as an assistant director on ‘Saffron Skies’, another upcoming Hollywood film.