Presenting erotic books: Metaphysique du Strip-Tease

Metaphysique du Strip-Tease was written by Denys Chevalier already in 1960. The book is comprised out of three chapters which are separated by several extremely interesting titles. The first third of the book shows the art and charm of striptease through history and adds an in-depth social study. The second third focuses precisely on strippers and shows us the most famous and legendary representatives of this dancing art form with lots of erotic pictures. The last third deals with the audience, meaning people who enjoy watching striptease. Even though the book is full of pictures of naked girls, this is certainly not cheap erotic literature, but a very in-depth look at the art of stripping from all kinds of angles. Even Greek sculptors were familiar with stripping. Many times they sculpted a woman taking her clothes off out of stone. I can also sum up some of the text the book begins with: “The pondering prove that striptease, its mental effect on the temper, its historical development and its function can’t be determined without speaking about erotica in general. There’s nothing surprising about that. How could someone study a piece without mentioning the whole it belongs to? It’s also unimaginable to discuss the philosophy of erotica without considering the phenomenon we call striptease. Regardless that its nature is to attract attention, its variety in presentation gives it a distinctive social seal. Because it simultaneously arouses what’s inside an individual and that which he or she shares with a person who’s near, striptease functions as true erotic ambiguity.”

Many naked women

Metaphysique du Strip-Tease treats striptease very precisely in various chapters. The readers find out everything they want to know. Not to make this a study that’s too dry and scientific, which only a few people would understand, there’s a naked woman on almost every page with an exact description of her dance moves and her physical charms. These aren’t photographs of random women who simply posed for the book, but very rare photographs of world renowned female artists of striptease who made their name in the 50s and 60s of the previous century. This was a time when striptease was still an art form and when erotica hadn’t been spoiled by cheap porn and unprofessional dancers who dance for change on every corner. Nostalgic connoisseurs of the striptease scene will undoubtedly be thrilled about Bijou, the famous Italian stripper who also acted in theatres and became famous for her aggressively curved body, where she accentuated her breasts and hips in a kind of offering to her audience. There’s also Rita Renoir who was also a comedienne, directed her own stage shows and offered entertainment to her audience besides erotica. There’s also the cult Bella Cuculis, also known as Dolly Bell, who reminded her male fans of a naughty schoolgirl. Let there be no mistake, these girls weren’t cheap erotic dancers, they were prestige stars of variety acts and night clubs where only the richest guests went to. One such woman was Bono, the wife of poet Andre Pieyre de Mandiargues. She was a worldly woman and gifted sculptress who performed a steamy striptease act for the visitors of an international musical festival in Venice for her own pleasure.

Excellent striptease lessons

Metaphysique du Strip-Tease is really a unique insight into the art of taking one’s clothes off throughout history. It will undoubtedly give you several tips and ideas for your dancing. We don’t mean that this will influence careers of professional strippers, but ordinary women who can surprise their partners. Men will undoubtedly be glad of your seductive dancing in the living room or the bedroom. The photographs may be a bit out of date, but we’re convinced you’ll get some ideas for your erotic show and that all these tricks which worked 50 years ago will be very handy nowadays when stripping has become too commercialised and commonplace.


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