Producer Gautam turns novelist, pens Andy Leelu

New Delhi: BL Gautam, who was associated with films like `Khosla Ka Ghosla` and `A Wednesday`, has turned writer and his first new novel is `Andy Leelu`.

The novel, according to Gautam, seeks inspiration from one of his `naughty` cousins, who died at a young age.

The story of a boy is set in 1962, when villages were suffering from cholera and famine and the country was fighting a war with China.

"The novel is written in such a lucid way that reader will not stop comparing their lives to those of the characters of the novel. In today`s digital world, people are going away from reading habit and want them take interest in books and I am hopeful that by my `Andy Leelu`, I will succeed in my aim," Gautam said in a statement.