Richards reveals Rolling Stones’ disgusting acts in memoir

London: In an upcoming memoir, ‘Life’, Keith Richards, has revealed that the Rolling Stones would often return home after early performances only to get urinated on by their flatmate.

Richards recalled the year he lived with Mick Jagger, Brian Jones and James Phelge in a dingy Fulham, London flat, where the filthy foursome would often try to upset each other with disgusting acts.

And he admits the Stones were no match for Phelge.

"We dared each other: Who could be more disgusting than anybody else...? We’d get back from a gig and Phelge would be standing at the top of the stairs saying, ``Welcome home,`` stark naked with his s**ty underpants on his head, or p**sing on you," a news daily quoted an excerpt from the book published in Rolling Stone magazine.



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