Rick Perry`s book a treasure trove for foes

Washington: Texas Governor Rick Perry`s book appears to be a treasure trove for his foes, with reports saying that he himself noted that he ‘wouldn’t have written that book if he had the intention of running for the 2012 presidential polls.

“I wouldn’t have written that book if I was going to run for the presidency of the United States,” Politico quoted Perry, as saying.

Ty Matsdorf, communications director for the Democratic research group American Bridge, said the book shows Perry “laying out what any sane or rational candidate wouldn’t even dream of saying.”

“This is what he put down and there’s no backing away from it. I don’t think a national candidate would, in their worst nightmare, ever think about having this stuff out there,” Matsdorf added.

“Ponzi schemes, like the one that sent Bernard Madoff to prison, are illegal in this country for a reason,” Perry wrote. “By any measure, Social Security is a failure.”

Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner declined to address specific passages in Perry’s book, but said that “Fed Up!” represents the “Governor’s view of how our nation got into the mess we find ourselves in today and reflects his understanding of what the role of government should look like in our lives.”

“The governor touches on numerous issues of the day and raises a number of ideas — all of which were designed to foster discussion and to encourage his fellow Americans to think about how we choose to govern ourselves,” he said.