Rossellini unimpressed with Madge’s ‘Sex’ book

New York: Italian actress Isabella Rossellini has revealed that she was not impressed with Madonna’s infamous book ‘Sex’.

Rossellini, 58, who appeared in the 1990 release, told Out magazine, that she was not fine with some of the things written in the book.

“I don’t think the book worked, even though the photos were extraordinary, and some of them quite memorable,” the New York Post quoted her as saying.

“I think there was a little bit of a moralistic sort of ‘I’ll teach you how to be free!’ -- and that bothered the hell out of me. Because I think if you want to practice abstinence and that makes you happy, you are OK.

“If you want to be gay, that’s OK. If you want to screw anything that moves, that’s OK.

“It’s funny to use the word moralistic . . . but it was a little bit of ‘I know better!’ and I didn’t like that,” she added.