Rowling rules out ‘Harry Potter’ end

London: For the fans who mourned the end of boy wizard`s adventures, author J K Rowling has hinted that `Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows` may not be the end of the bespectacled hero.

The author said though she found it hard to cope with the overwhelming success of the books, she will miss being `consumed` by the wizardry world and has the future of the characters already mapped out in her head, the Daily Mail reported.

"I could definitely write an eighth, ninth and tenth. I`m not going to say I won`t. I don`t think I will. I feel I am done, but you never know," Rowling told Oprah Winfrey.

The author says completing the seventh and the final book in the `Harry Potter` series was like `bereavement` to her and made her cry.

"The end was huge, like a bereavement. Although I knew it was coming ? we all know the people we love are mortal, we know it`s going to end - you can`t prepare yourself for it. I was in a slight state of shock.

"Initially I was elated, but then there came a point I cried and I have only ever cried once before in my life – and that was when my mother died. It was uncontrollable and I`m
not a big crier," Rowling said.

In her first ever interview with US chat show queen, Rowling, who became one of the richest women in UK with the success of `Harry Potter`, said that she started writing the
books to cope with her mother`s death.

"I never told my mother about it, I would have done – I know she would have liked it. But I regret it hugely. The books wouldn`t be what they are if she hadn`t died. Her death is on virtually every other page of the Harry Potter books. If she hadn`t died I don`t think it`s too strong to say there wouldn`t be Harry Potter," an emotional Rowling said.

The 45-year-old lost her mother Anne to multiple sclerosis in 1990, six months after she began writing the superhit book series.

Rowling said that the astounding success of the books, which were adapted into blockbuster films, reached such heights that it scared her.

"At the time I felt a need to deny how great the pressure was because that was my way of coping. It happened so fast for me and it shouldn`t have happened. This was a children`s book. I went from utter obscurity. It was like being a Beatle.

"At that point I kept saying to people `Yes I`m coping`. The truth was, there were times when I was barely hanging by a thread," she said.

`Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows`, the final movie in the hit franchise starring Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, has been split into two films. The first installment
hits cinemas next month.