Rupert Grint wants kids to read rape-and-violence fuelled book

London: Rupert Grint has risked upsetting parents of young Harry Potter fans, as he’s urging kids to read rape-and-violence fuelled 1962 book.

The actor has joined American Library Association`s Read campaign, which encourages children and teenagers to indulge in classic literature.

However, Grint has made a macabre choice for his recommended reading - Anthony Burgess`` controversial novel ‘A Clockwork Orange’, reports the Daily Express.

His former co-stars Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson have also signed up for the same campaign.

Campaign posters show the three actors holding up their favourite novel, and Grint`s co-stars have made a more sombre choice - Radcliffe loves Mikhail Bulgakov`s ‘The Master’ and Margarita while Watson recommends Shakespeare`s ‘Romeo and Juliet.’