Sherlock Holmes set for modern makeover

London, January 19: Sherlock Holmes is being revamped to be presented as a modern, contemporary character for a BBC version of the tales.

The makeover, masterminded by ‘League Of Gentleman’ actor Mark Gatiss and ‘Doctor Who’ writer Steven Moffat, will see the genius in a milieu of computers, MP3 players and mobile phones, and minus his signature clothes.

The 60-minute film, titled ‘Sherlock’, already in production, will depict the pipe-clenching crime-fighter as an injured veteran from conflict in Afghanistan, the same starting point as in the original story created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Gatiss explained why a modern-day Holmes would not be suprising.

"When you read the stories, you realise Holmes is an extraordinary modern man in a modern metropolitan London,” the Scotsman quoted him as saying.

"They weren`t period stories to the people that were reading them, so we worked off exactly the same principle. We are not only keeping the essential character of Holmes, we are restoring it," he added.

But David Stuart-Davies, who has authored books and plays based on the hero, expressed his fears that the character’s renowned powers of deduction might be compromised in the period of DNA and CCTV.

He said: "I suspect it may well work, but one thing that does concern me is that Holmes had to rely on his own brain power. Now, if Holmes were trapped in darkest Dartmoor with the hound of the Baskervilles coming towards him, he would simply be able to call for help on his mobile phone."