Shirley MacLaine’s UFO date with ex Oz Minister Andrew Peacock

Updated: Apr 17, 2011, 14:15 PM IST

Melbourne: In a new tell-all book about her string of prominent lovers, legendary actress Shirley MacLaine has revealed that former Australian Foreign Minister Andrew Peacock, nearly "climbed the sky" during a UFO stakeout in Mexico.

In the book, entitled ‘I’m Over All That And Other Confessions’, the Oscar-winning actress writes: "I thought as long as he’s the Minister for Foreign Affairs, I might as well give him one he’ll never forget,” reports the Daily Telegraph.

She claims her Australian lover, with his access to government files, knew more about UFOs than he was willing to reveal to her.

"Whenever I discussed my spiritual and metaphysical ideas with him, he listened, nodded and more or less said: ``It could be, who knows?``

"On a UFO stakeout in Mexico near Mt Popocatepetl, at one moment we thought we saw a craft and Andrew nearly ``climbed the sky`` to see if it was real.

“Because he was sworn to secrecy, he never told me outright that UFOs were extraterrestrial in origin and were present,” she further wrote.

Mt Popocatepetl is a reported hot-spot for UFO activity where enthusiasts claim the craft are regularly captured by Mexican Government disaster cameras.