Shiv Sena protests lifting of ban on James Laine book on Shivaji

Mumbai: Shiv Sena protested in various parts of Maharashtra against the lifting of a ban on a book, which allegedly carries derogatory references to Shivaji, the legendary Maratha warrior king.

The Supreme Court had lifted the ban on the book `Shivaji, Hindu King in Muslim India`, written by an American author James Laine.

Hundreds of Shiv Sena activists protested against the court`s order and took out rallies in Mumbai and suburban Thane on Sunday.

"The verdict passed by the Supreme Court about James Laine is unfair for entire Maharashtra. This decision has hurt our sentiments and it is injustice towards Shivaji. This verdict is apologetic," said Ramesh Vete, a Shiv Sena leader in Thane.

The angry activists raised slogans and burnt an effigy of the author of the book.

"This protest is against the writer James Laine`s book in which he has assassinated the character of Shivaji and Masaheb Jijau," said Divaker Raute, a Shiv Sena leader in Mulund locality of Mumbai.

Police detained more than 50 Shiv Sena activists during protests.

Shiv Sena has threatened to take steps to prevent the sale of the book in Maharashtra and the rest of the country.