Singapore NRI authors manual for first timers to US

Asians, especially Indians who find it challenging to adapt to fast paced American lifestyle must be ready to understand the country`s liberal society and way of life, says a new book authored by a Singapore based Indian.

"Most people moving to the US learn the hard way, be it about the initial culture shock, making friends or choosing room-mates and it is very challenging for Asians especially Indians, to adapt to the American lifestyle," Sharad Kashyap said.

"They must understand America?s liberal society, open-minded attitude and care free approach to life," he said in an interview with reporters.

The 129 points in the "USA Survival Guide" include renting rooms, play safe with credit cards, getting free educational course from community schools and universities as well as renting books instead of buying.

The 256-page book provides essential guidelines to new visitors to the US, said Kashyap, the teacher cum entrepreneur working and living in Singapore.



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