Time to pay heed to warnings of the rising evil: Amish

Kolkata: Banker-turned-author Amish, famous for his Shiva trilogy, Friday warned that evil was rising in today`s world and it was time for the society to stand up.

"I firmly believe that in today`s world, evil has been constantly rising. Evil never strikes suddenly. It always gives ample warnings. It`s time we pay heed to the warning bells," said Amish.

In the city for the launch of ‘The Oath of the Vayuputras’ - the final book of the Shiva trilogy, Amish said crime against women was societal evil and not a governmental folly.

"We all have been blaming the government for the rising crime against women, but then it is more of a societal problem than a governmental. It is the society which needs changing its mindset about women," he said.

Describing mythology as something which hides the truth, the author said everybody had the right to interpret myths in their own way.

"Indians by nature are rebellious and it is conformity with that nature that we question something we do not believe. It is imperative that we don`t blindly follow whatever we are told," he said.

Amish, who has reportedly been given a Rs.5 crore advance for his next series of books, however, did not reveal much about his next project.

"I just finished my latest book and it will take time before I start the next. But so long as my books are selling I will keep writing. The moment they stop I will be back as a banker," added Amish.