Vir Das writing comedian`s guide to Indian women

New Delhi: His bawdy sense of humour is well known and now Vir Das is set to bring it on in a book, which he says will be a comedian`s guide to the ever complex Indian woman.

The stand-up comedian whose turn as a serial womaniser Chandu in the film `Badmaash Company` won him rave reviews says that though the book is not a memoir of his love life, he may have been inspired by a few bad dates.

"That`s the danger in dating a stand-up comedian. I may go up on stage and start joking about our sex life while you are sitting in the audience. The book is not autobiographical though, I am too young for that," Das told reporters in an interview.

The 27-year-old says that the book will be a chip off the old block and Das is ready for the brickbats. "You can call me sick, disgusting, gross and I will accept all that, but you definitely cannot call my humour unintelligent and that is what matters to me," said the actor.

Das`s popularity with the fairer sex shot up after the release of `Badmaash Company` and he confesses to getting quite some "raunchy" e-mails though hot is not a word he would
use for himself.

"Stand-up comedians are half-hour hot. We are attractive while on stage and off it we would not get a second glance. So I don`t see the heartthrob thing happening or girls
screaming my name," said Das.

The actor says that in real life he is rather the perfect gentleman still looking for Ms Right.

"The person has to be patient cause I live out of my suitcase and between doing stand-up comedy and acting I only have time only to eat and sleep. So she will have to spend
quite some time lying around waiting," he said.

Das has his hands full with work right now, be it his upcoming film projects, including Aamir Khan`s production `Delhi Belly` and Tanuja Chandra`s next, or his planned 17-country world tour.

"The good part is my role in the entire scheme of things is just to be funny. The logistics and the planning is done by my team. I am not the one who runs the show, I just follow their orders," said Das.

His travelling show `Walking On Broken Glass` recently became the most watched comedy show in India, breaking Rusell Peters` record.

And Das says that he is not smitten enough with Bollywood to leave stand-up comedy behind. "I do films which get me out of my comedian routine so that I don`t get bored being a stand-up comedian. And with films, it`s here today, gone tomorrow. So stand-up comedy is here to stay for me," said Das, who debuted as an actor in Vikram Bhatt`s `Mumbai Salsa` in 2007.

Das will soon start dubbing for `Delhi Belly`, where he stars alongside Imran Khan, newcomer Kunal Roy Kapoor and Shehnaz Treasurywala and is also working on the debut album of his comic rock band `Alien Chutney`.



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