Now, a book on Prakash Jha`s `Rajneeti`

New Delhi: Prakash Jha and Katrina Kaif launched a book on their 2010 movie ‘Rajneeti’, at the Crossword bookstore in Mumbai.

‘Rajneeti - The Film and Beyond’, has been edited by Pooja Verma and the director said he was thankful to her and all his actors.

“This was a book, which had to be written as to how this film was made, how this idea was even conceived and completed and brought before. And that Pooja has been able to do it extremely well in this and I am thankful to her, I am thankful to all my actors and everybody,” said Jha.

Kaif gushed about the fond memories she has of the film and its making.

“This experience and this kind of a film and to get something of this kind of magnitude together and to come off in a really such a great way, I think this is really a memorable experience and something which I will never forget.

“The whole shoot was incredible; every picture has so many memories and so many emotions behind it,” she said.