The sounds of Zee Jaipur Literature Festival 2014

Zee Media Bureau/ Aparna Mudi

Apart from the literature buffs, the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival has always been a delight for music lovers.

It`s a paradise for connoisseurs of world music and fusion. Many local artists, Musicians and international dancers are putting together gigs to entertain the art and literature lovers who are coming from far and wide to attend the five day show.

The musical extravaganza opens with the Jaipur Kawa Brass Band and The Kutle Khan Project. Both the performances brings the soulful sound of Rajasthan to the audience.

Dancers Colleena Shakti and Queen Harish bring to stage a dance show. Colleena Shakti is an internationally acclaimed dancer who is adept at Odissi and the extremely difficult and mesmerising Khalbelia Dance form from the deserts of Rajasthan. Harish Kumar, is a cross dressing folk dancer from Jaisalmer who has made an impact spreading the dance form to all parts of the world.

Popular Indian artists, Midival Punditz, Asian Underground, Karsh Kale also perform and pay homage to the global DJ, composer -musician Cheb i Sabbah who passed away in November 2013.

The 21st of January sees the conclusion of the show with the nomadic band Tinariwen.

The schedule of the performances is available on the official website of the Zee Jaipur Literature Festival.