Chef: A Novel

`Chef: A Novel` written by Jaspreet Singh is published by Penguin-Books India.

The book carries with it the scent of nostalgia - the familiar emotion that every Kashmiri exile is assailed with on return. Kirpal Singh - Kip - to his friends, a military chef, is on his way home after 14 years. Haunted by his past, he walks down memory lane to recall his days with General Kumar, in a camp in the icy heights of Siachen glacier. Kip met his mentor, the fiery chef Kishen, at the camp who guided him to the hedonistic realm of women and food.

Amid the turmoil that churned the Valley, Kip learnt to cook a host of delectable dishes - from rogan josh to tiramisu.

But one day, a Pakistani terrorist with flowing locks was swept up the banks … and life changed forever.