Georgia Bottoms

A bawdy comic novel steeped in Deep South stereotypes, ‘Georgia Bottoms’ covers a lot of familiar territory: philandering preachers, mixed-race romance, a befuddled old racist white woman (she`s called ‘Little Mama’) and a ne`er-do-well brother (he`s called ‘Brother’).

There are also the pillars of the community — the bank president, the publisher, the doctor and the sheriff — whose lives are built on sand. Each gets a night of the week for creative sport in bed with Georgia.

Georgia Bottoms is our heroine, and the novel lives mostly in her marvellously goodhearted but teeming and scheming mind. She lives in a rural Alabama town called Six Points, where the once prosperous family name was Butts but got changed to Bottoms as finances went South, so to speak.