How to Salsa in a Sari

`How to Salsa in a Sari` (HarperCollins) by Dona Sarkar is a wonderful read.

Issa Mazumder, a nerdy half Indian, half African teenage girl who lives in the US with her single mother, has just been utterly destroyed because the gorgeous Cat Morena, Latina princess, Issa`s worst enemy and the most popular girl in school, has stolen Issa`s equally nerdy boyfriend Adam.

And there`s worse to come – Issa`s mother announces that she and Cat`s father are getting married. And they are moving into Cat`s huge mansion.

Cat has no respect for Issa`s traditions and makes Issa`s life hell. But Issa gets some tough advice: if she wants Cat Morena to welcome her traditions, Issa had better learn to salsa in a sari!


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