Pay the f*** up for Haiti relief, says Sean Penn

London: Sean Penn stunned guests gathered for Haiti Relief benefit at Cannes with his expletive-ridden speech.

The star, who claimed being ``Under the influence of vodka``, made a rambling delivery, jokingly questioning as to why some of the A-list guests were at the charity gala when they had ‘people to f*** at other parties’, reported the Daily Mail.

The 51-year-old actor also praised fellow Haiti fundraiser Paul Haggis ``even though he was a Canadian whose parents included a man, a woman and a tree.``

“F*** `em if people say you’re just writing a cheque, but you’re making a change,” he said.

The actor, who claimed that ``fight the f*** out of politics`` to get things done urged the guests to ‘to pay the f*** up’.

The actor then instructed a woman to ``Tell the man next to you, "I``m not going to f*** you tonight unless you pay the f*** up.``

The actor also insisted that Haiti should be helped because it was just an hour away from ``the richest f***ing country in the world``.