Jade Goody

Jade was born in London to a father of mixed race.Her father,Andrew Robert Goody, was a drug addict and habitual criminal. He died of drug overdose at the age of 42. Her mother is Jackiey Budden. She rose to limelight with her appearance on Channel 4 reality show Big Brother. Though she did not win the show, this programme made her start her own television programmes and launch of her own products.Goody stareted her career as dental assitant and later become a TV personality. Goody finished fourth in the show, but this show gave her an edge over the others and sooon she created her own reality TV shows and appeared regularly in celebrity, trivia, and gossip-oriented women`s magazines such as ‘Heat’ and ‘OK!’. In October 2008, she released a new autobiography, Jade: Catch A Falling Star.It is published by John Blake Publishing and covers her time in Celebrity Big Brother 2007. In Christmas 2008, she played the role of the Wicked Queen in a pantomime version of Snow White at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln, and was praised for her strength and determination in doing so. Goody had to withdraw from the production in January for health reasons. A reality television documentary, ‘Living With Jade Goody’ was shown in September as a one off special, as part of the Living With . . . series on Living TV. A one off film "Jade`s cancer battle" was aired on 11 December, although there are plans for further shows if Goody feels able or wishes to take part.