`El Mariachi` star Peter Marquardt dies at 50

PTI| Updated: Jul 28, 2014, 16:47 PM IST

Los Angeles: Actor Peter Marquadt, best known for playing drug lord Moco in Robert Rodriguez`s 1992 classic `El Mariachi`, has passed away aged 50.

The actor-producer died on July 19 in Austin, Texas. The cause of death is uncertain, suggest reports.

Marquadt acted in the middle film in Rodriguez`s `Mexico Trilogy`, in addition to showing up in flashbacks in `Desperado` (1995). He also appeared in the writer-director`s 2003 film `Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over` (2003) and in the 2011 film `The Shadow People`.

The actor got the part of the white-suited drug lord Moco in the 1992 film due to a chance meeting with Rodriguez when they were bunkmates at a medical research facility.

Marquardt more recently worked in the computer game industry.