`Grigorieva`s chipped tooth photo not altered`

Los Angeles: Russian singer Oksana Grigorieva`s representative has denied reports that the photograph of the singer showing her with chipped front teeth has been tempered with.

Grigorieva has been in the news for the disclosure of her abusive relationship with Hollywood star Mel Gibson. Till now she released four clips of secretly taped telephone conversations, purportedly featuring the "Braveheart" star ranting at Grigorieva using racially offensive and abusive language. It is followed by the photograph.

"The photo released by RadarOnline.com is `true and accurate` and real," said Grigorieva`s spokesman Stephen Jaffe.

"It was not doctored by Oksana or anyone associated with her. As a former photo analyst, I can say that I see no credible evidence of any alterations or `doctoring` of the photograph as some have asserted. The reports that it was doctored are simply false," Jaffe added.

A source close to Gibson said although Grigorieva and Gibson, 54, did argue the day the photo was taken, it didn`t turn physical, usmagazine.com reported.

"They got into it, but he absolutely did not injure her," the source added.



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