`Harry Potter` stars slam London mayor

London: The stars of the `Harry Potter` franchise have criticised London mayor Boris Johnson after the politician complained the newly inaugurated wizarding theme park on the film should have been built in Britain, not US.

Johnson recently blasted bosses at film giant Warner Bros, calling them "utterly mad" for allowing a `Harry Potter` park to be created in Florida, when the books and movies are all set in UK, a news website reported.

The franchise`s stars, including Michael Gambon and Tom Felton, disagree with Johnson and have now waded into the debate, insisting a similar attraction would not work in London.

Speaking at the launch of `The Wizarding World of Harry Potter` in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday, Gambon, who plays Albus Dumbledore in the film, said, "Boris Johnson... What`s he talking about? I mean only 10 people live in England don`t they? You`ve got to have it in America to get the money back."

Felton, `Draco Malfoy` in series, has also laughed off Johnson`s comments, insisting the weather isn`t good enough in
England to host the outside park.

"I`ve got a few words for Boris... well mate, if you want the park to be open for 30 days a year then put it in England, but come on, realistically this is the place to do it," Felton said.

Daniel Radcliffe has also spoken out about the issue, insisting that if Johnson wants to build a Harry Potter theme park in the UK, then he should use his political influence to push the decision through.

"Of course it would be absolutely wonderful to have an equivalent in London and I`m sure Boris, as the mayor of London, is surely the man with the power to make that happen, one would assume," Radcliffe said.

While Rupert Grint added, "We should have one, it`s just amazing."



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