`Hunks` Hugh Jackman, Brad Pitt top women`s wish-list!

Sydney: A new study has revealed that characteristics women desire for in men are sex appeal, physical attractiveness and masculinity, along with shared similar interests, beliefs and values.

D&M Research conducted the national study of 2800 women.

Derek Jones, of D&M Research, which did the study, said the intention of the survey was to unearth qualities women find attractive in a man, but won`t admit to.

"Women rarely nominate physical attraction when asked what they want in a male partner but clearly it is important to them even if they are not necessarily that open about it," a news daily quoted men as saying.

"I don`t think that suggests women are vacuous and just interested in hunks.

"The key attributes they will always want in a male partner are a sense of humour, compatibility and a loving and caring nature. But, clearly, it doesn`t hurt if the guy is good-looking as well," he said.

Jones also asked his study participants to name the most appealing high-profile men.

Hugh Jackman topped the list followed by actors Johnny Depp, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, sportsmen Roger Federer and Glenn McGrath and comedians Rove McManus and Hamish Blake.

Women named their top five turn-offs as: dishonesty, anger, chauvinism, poor hygiene and rudeness.

The men who rated lowest in the appeal stakes were Tiger Woods, Shane Warne, Brendan Fevola, Sam Newman and Kyle Sandilands.

The results of the study were presented at the Australian Marketing and Social Research Society conference.