`I am God` says Morgan Freeman

Washington: Morgan Freeman, who has had quite a successful Hollywood career playing everyone from a convict to Nelson Mandella to God himself, is not shy about admitting that he believes he is God and that the role came to him quite naturally.

Fox411 caught up with the actor to talk about his thoughts on his favourite films, his latest hobby and his faith.

When asked about his favourite movies he has acted in, the actor replied: “Working backwards, ‘Invictus,’ ‘Glory,’ ‘Street Smart,’ ‘Lean on Me,’ ‘Driving Miss Daisy.”

When asked why didn’t he mention ‘Shawshank Redemption,’ he said “I’m sorry, it’s everybody else’s favourite, not necessarily mine.”

“I know everybody loves it and I’m very happy that everybody loves it. I made it. It was a day to day thing of shooting it,” Fox News quoted him as saying.

So, it wasn’t a happy experience for the actor to make it.

He was then asked if he believed in God, to which he paused, then said “I paused because I am God.”

When asked if he said that “because every man is created in God’s image,” he said: “Yes or God’s created in my image.”

He then spoke about his experience when he played God in ‘Bruce Almighty.’

“I always knew that someone was going to come at me with a script to play God.

“It’s just one of those things, the way your career is unfolding and all the talk about gravitas etc etc, so I had a strong feeling that someone was going to offer me the part of God. I was totally prepared to say, ‘Thanks but no thanks,’ unless it was a comedy,” he said.