``I`ve been thrown to the lions`` by footballer gagging order: Imogen Thomas

Updated: Apr 28, 2011, 13:23 PM IST

London: The former Miss Wales said that she had no intention of spilling the beans about her six months’ relationship with the married footballer.

Speaking on ITV’s This Morning’s, Thomas said that it was unjust that the player’s name had been protected while she had been subsequently named and shamed.

“I had no intention of speaking about the man,” she said. “I just wish that my name was protected,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

The distraught former Big Brother contestant said she did not have as much money as the wealthy sportsman to get an injunction.

“I didn’t have 50,000 pounds to get an injunction. Now I feel as if I have been thrown to the lions and (told to) deal with it, I can’t deal with it,” Thomas added.

Thomas said, the first time she found out that news of their alleged relationship had leaked to the press was when reporters came to her door.

“As foolish as this sounds, I honestly didn’t think this would get out into the public domain and I always said I had no intention of selling the story,” the 28-year old said.

The footballer had proactively gained an injunction at a private hearing before Mr Justice Eady at the High Court earlier this month.