`LiLo`s talent should be weighed very heavily`

Los Angeles: Lindsay Lohan`s talent should not be discounted and could help her triumph like formerly addicted star Robert Downey Jr, according to `Inferno` producer Chris Hanley.

The producer behind "Inferno: A Linda Lovelace Story," LiLo’s next project, told People.com that his star`s talent "weighs very heavily" in his decision to support her.

"I have worked with Robert Downey and others on movies I have made, and, frankly, talent and passion for a project matter the most to me," the New York Daily quoted him as saying.

Following her relapse, the 24-year-old actress has joined Alcoholics Anonymous, but could face 30 days in jail in addition to the two weeks she spent in the slammer In August for probation violations.

Lohan may also be restricted from traveling, which could threaten "Inferno``s" production even further as the biopic is set to start filming in New Orleans on Nov. 15.

Hanley said that he is "way not happy" about the potential affect this could have on the project, but denied reports that the filmmakers are "beyond irritated" by their star`s behavior.

"That is not to say we would not be upset over a breach of the court by Lindsay that has affected her personally, or the potential production schedule or location of the production significantly,” he said.

"If the ability to shoot in a film incentive program state is not available due to travel limitation placed on Lindsay, that would be a concern, but that cannot be addressed until it is known,” he added.