`Livid’ Cheryl Cole is ‘through with Simon Cowell’s friendship’

London: Recently axed US ‘X Factor’ judge, Cheryl Cole has revealed that Simon Cowell is no longer her friend.

‘Our relationship is over. I``m through with him,” the Sun quoted Cole as saying.

The singer is furious that Cowell humiliated her further by telling the Sun that she was ‘nervous’ and ‘uncomfortable’ on The X Factor in America and that she was ‘out of her comfort zone in America’.

“If he thinks we are going to be friends he can forget it,” she said.

Cole, 27, is annoyed that Cowell claimed that he was protecting her by trying to force her to leave the US show and return to the UK version.

The pal of the singer said: “If Simon thinks he can claim it was a business arrangement that went wrong, he is insane.

“She wasn``t uncomfortable on the show. She was enjoying herself. No one complained at the time.

“Simon admits he got his top producer Richard Holloway to tell her she was off the US show - that``s because he was afraid to do it himself.

“Cheryl trusted him implicitly and she doesn``t do that with many people.

“He made a mockery of their friendship so now it``s dead in the water,” the pal added.

However, Cowell, 51, has thrown his weight behind her signing for new US singing show ‘The Voice’.

“I would encourage her to do that. I don``t wish her bad,” he said.


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