`No change` in LiLo after jail and rehab

Washington: Lindsay Lohan has not changed even after 14 of her 90-day sentence behind bars at Lynwood County Detention Center, followed by almost a month of intense court-ordered rehab at UCLA medical center, say sources.

But even as she continues to undergo rigorous outpatient therapy, a source close to Lohan said that the troubled actress really doesn`t appear too different, and still seems to be sauntering around with the same nonchalant attitude towards life.

"Lindsay is back doing her thing, still hanging out with the same friends that told her she did nothing wrong and that there is nothing wrong with her and she believes it," Fox News quoted a source as saying.

"I wish I could say the whole jail experience had changed her, but I just don`t see it," the source added.
A representative for Lohan did not respond for comment.