`Octomom` Nadya Suleman’s bankruptcy case dismissed

Washington: Nadya Suleman attempted to file for Chapter seven – the most serious form of bankruptcy on April 30, but her papers have been rejected.

According to recently filed documents, the parent of octuplets known as “Octomom”, didn’t file all the necessary paperwork in time and never asked the court for an extension.

Therefore creditors are once more free to request the funds owed to them after failing to gain financial protection.

The mother of 14 children reportedly owes between 500,000-1,000,000 dollars to various creditors, including doctors, lawyers, teachers and a satellite television company.

Bankruptcy documents claimed she only had under 50,000 dollars to her name.

In March she began being supported by the American welfare system, getting payments of 2,000 dollars per month from the State of California.

That same month she defended her decision to reveal her half-naked post-pregnancy body in Britain’s Closer magazine, claiming she isn’t ashamed.

“I’m not ashamed of doing it. I feel as though no woman or man should be ashamed of their body,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling TMZ.