`Sugababe` Amelle Berrabah banned from driving

London: Popstar Amelle Berrabah has been banned from driving for 14 months after admitting to being under the influence of alcohol during a recent car accident, where police found her slumped on the wheel.

The 26-year-old who is a part of the girl group `Sugababes`, had argued that she should keep her licence as her fame made it difficult to use public transport, reported a website.

But District Judge Ian Baker told the pop star, who was arrested on September 23 at the wheel of her Mercedes, "One can take an awful lot of taxis for the same cost of running such a car for a year."

Her lawyer James O`Brien had argued that her fame renders her use of public transport impossible.

"She tends to draw huge interest and huge crowds wherever she goes. She finds that personally quite disturbing and she finds it threatening at times," said O`Brien.

The singer who was also fined USD 4000 said that she was sorry for her "exceptionally silly" actions.

Berrabah who was admitted to rehab last year to be treated for "severe nervous exhaustion", initially claimed that the alleged misdemeanor was nothing more than an accident.