`The Constant Gardener` opened doors for me: Rachel Weisz

London: Actress Rachel Weisz is thankful for her Oscar-winning turn in `The Constant Gardener` because it allowed her to be more selective about her work.

Weisz, 42, who played the character of Tessa Quayle in the 2005 thriller, said she is forever grateful that she got picked for the role because the movie opened so many doors for her, reported Daily Star.

"Immediately afterward, I was offered jobs by interesting directors, including Alejandro Amenabar. Peter Jackson offered me a role. I didn`t have to meet people. They just offered me jobs, these big fancy directors. People believe in you more after you`ve won an Oscar, but it`s up to you what choices you make and how that goes.

"When I was younger, I would take whatever I was offered because it was money and work and experience. In a way, choosing is the hard part. I know that`s a luxury problem, but it`s true. I try to go where passion takes me... I think that in big-budget movies there`s a lot of other stuff going on besides acting, like special effects..."


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