`The Hangover` actor Murray Gershenz Dies at 91

Los Angeles: `The Hangover` star Murray Gershenz, a record store owner turned actor, has died at the age of 91.

Gershenz started acting at the age of 80 and appeared in shows like `Mad Men, `House` and `Modern Family`.

He was also the subject of `Music Man Murray` (2011), a 22-minute documentary that showed the former opera singer and synagogue cantor struggling to find a buyer for the nearly half-million records he had collected and stored in a West Adams warehouse, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Gershenz sold the collection this year to someone from New York.
His most famous appearance was as Felix in `The Hangover`. (2009) where Gershenz disrobes and has his private parts examined in a hilarious hospital scene.

Gershenz`s first acting role came on a 2001 episode of `Will & Grace`. His film work also included parts in `Extreme Movie`, `Smashed` and this year`s release `The Incredible Burt Wonderstone`.