`The Hangover` inspires Kim Kardashian`s bachelorette party

London: Kim Kardashian and her sisters are flying to Las Vegas to celebrate the reality star`s upcoming bachelorette party "The Hangover" style.

Kim is engaged to marry her basketball player boyfriend Kris Humphries Aug 20.

So, her sisters and close friends are planning to celebrate with a bridal shower in Los Angeles and a wild night out in Las Vegas, reports a website.

"We are going to do whatever we can to embarrass Kim, just to bring her such embarrassment. That`s our job. We`re going to do it all. We have so many tricks up our sleeves that she won`t even know what is happening," said Kim`s sister Kourtney.

Family friend, socialite Brittny Gastineau, even compares the upcoming party to Vegas-based movie "The Hangover".

"Like `The Hangover`. All you need is that one night. Can you imagine if it were like `The Hangover`? If we all woke up and we were like, `Where are we?`," said Gastineau, referring to the movie where four friends go for a bachelor party and wake up to find they have no memory of the previous night`s events.


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