`Udaan` actor set for road movie with Australian pig

Mumbai: Rajat Bharmecha, who won accolades for his performance as an abused son in ‘Udaan’, will team up with Naseeruddin Shah`s younger son Vivaan for a buddy flick called ‘Disco Valley’. Their third collaborator in the Fijian fun-fest is a pig!

The film will have the usual three-buddies-on-road-trip format in Fiji. And the specially trained pig in ‘Disco Valley’ would not only share screen space with the two young actors, the animal would also be part of all the `masti` that would unfold on screen.

Confirming that a pig would be the third lead in ‘Disco Valley’, producer Siddharth Jain of I Rock said: "We are flying down a specially-trained pig from Australia to join the other two actors in the film in Fiji. The pig would be as central to the comedy as the human characters."

‘Disco Valley’ will be directed by Sajit Warrier, who directed an unreleased thriller ‘Fired’ in 2010 with Rahul Bose in the lead.