100 crore club is superficial: Shah Rukh Khan

Updated: Aug 14, 2013, 17:16 PM IST

New Delhi: Shahrukh Khan has revealed that he couldn`t care less about the famous 100 crore club in Bollywood because it is the audiences love that is important.

The B-Town celeb asserted that being applauded and appreciated by the audience is all that matter to an actor, so the numbers are a superficial way of looking at things off course for Disney, UTV and Red chilies , as they are business people, who have invested a lot of money.

The ` Chennai Express` star insisted that money is just a way of determining that people are actually watching your movies, and nothing else.

"But for me as an actor as a creative person, I think the essence, the feeling behind that number is important because a lot of people are watching it, and liking it, otherwise you don`t get these numbers on that level. That`s how I think of it but it`s not something I put my mind to," the actor said.

Khan added that he hoped people just watch his movies, instead of thinking of the 100 crores or 200 crores.