1006 appreciation letters to Shahid!

Zeenews Bureau

Mumbai: Commitment and dedication put forth by Shahid Kapoor towards ‘Mausam’ seems to paying off incredibly well.

Shahid’s new look in ‘Mausam’ where he dons the air force uniform and sports the classic moustache with aviator glasses is already a hit, but the actors’ latest get up has earned a first-time admiration from the young students of National Defense Academy (NDA).

Sources reveal that the young students of the National Defense Academy which trains students for Army, Navy and Air Force are going so crazy seeing Shahid in uniform that the actor received a whopping 1006 appreciation letters (and still counting) from NDA cadets!

The cadets have written Shahid about how much they appreciate him for bringing so much pride to them by carrying the uniform with so much poise and style.

Interestingly, a few letters go beyond just appreciation. They have thanked Shahid for making their uniform a style statement resulting in a lot of attention from girls.

The official spokesperson confirms, “Yes, it is an overwhelming response that we have received. We are honoured and humbled at the same time to know that the youngsters are appreciating the character and Shahid`s look in the film. His uniform, his moustache his aviator glares everything.”

The spokesperson further added, “The youngsters have expressed how happy they all are to see Shahid`s character in ‘Mausam’ which is that of an air force pilot and it brings them such great pride to see him carry it off with style and poise.”