2010 best year ever for Scottish singer Susan Boyle

London: If 2009 made her a star, Scottish singing sensation says 2010 is the year she came of age.

What could be termed a fairytale rise to fame, in 2010, "Britain`s Got Talent" winner Boyle met the Pope, smashed world records for music sales, performed to millions around the world and even got a cherished diamond bracelet from ­music moghul Simon Cowell, reports mirror.co.uk.

"It`s been an absolutely fantastic 12 months. The year 2009 had been the best of my life and I never thought it possible to top it - but 2010 did just that," said the 49-year-old.

"This past year has been my growing-up time. I know there`s still a long way to go in my journey but I hope to prove to people that dreams don`t have an expiry date," she added.

Not bad for a woman who, just 18 months ago, was living in a council house in ­Blackburn, West Lothian, with her cat ­Pebbles.


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