Aamir Khan doesn`t bath regularly!

Updated: Jan 14, 2011, 20:53 PM IST

New Delhi: Strange as it may sound, but Bollywood actor Aamir Khan`s wife Kiran Rao says the one thing she dislikes about her husband is that he doesn`t bathe regularly.

"The one thing that I don`t like about him is the fact that he doesn`t take a bath. And trust me when I say this that his bathing habits are not very regular," Kiran told reporters in an interview.

To this, the actor jumped in for his own rescue and said: "I do take a bath when I go out for work. And considering most of the time I step out for work, I take a bath most of the time. It is only when I am not stepping out or when I am on a holiday that I don`t take a bath."

Kiran is all set for the release of her directorial debut "Dhobi Ghat", which is coming on Jan 21, and stars her husband in a pivotal role.