Aamir Khan gifts ‘guru’ Salman his first painting

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Aamir and Salman have become the best of friends or so it seems. The two actors might have a different taste in cinema but that doesn’t deter them from having a blast together. As per reports, Aamir who plays a painter in his next film ‘Dhobi Ghat’ took art lessons from Salman who is acclaimed for his knack to paint. And as a token of appreciation, Aamir gifted his first painting to Salman at the end of his painting lessons.

Confirming the news a source said, “Aamir knew he wouldn`t look convincing as an artist if he didn`t actually dabble with art seriously for a few weeks before he went on set. Since he knows Salman is a fabulous artist, he actually decided to take painting lessons from Sallu”.

"For a few weeks, Aamir was the diligent student; Salman was his art guru,`" adds the source. However once Aamir finished his lessons, he decided to gift Aamir his first complete artwork. And Salman has put up the painting behind his bar.

Confirming the news, Aamir said, "I`m an amateur; no patch on Salman when it comes to art. I have put up Salman`s `Ghajini` sketch in my drawing room. Everyone who walks in, praises the sketch. However, my own painting that Salman has no magnanimously displayed is so esoteric, that even I don`t know what exactly it is."